When will the next expansion for MAKE IT SIX release?

There are three expansions now available:  Yellow, Pink, and Black.  We have three more expansions planned:  Purple, Orange, and Brown.  The next expansion is scheduled to release near the end of Summer 2024.  Each expansion adds another color die for more decision points and complexity.  

I lost pieces of my game.  Can I get them replaced?

Absolutely!  We have replacement parts available including:  dice, reference cards, and rules sheets.  Just email us with what you need at arrowplaygamedesign@gmail.com and we will get back with you.

Rules FAQs

If my Blue die is at FIVE and I end the turn with four Green SIXES, what happens?

Normally four Green SIXES adds two to your Blue die.  Since you can’t add two, you score nothing and pass the turn still at FIVE on your Blue die.  This is easy to avoid in most cases by stopping at three SIXES or using a White die activation to REFACE one of the Green SIXES.

Can I REFACE a die to the same number the die is already on?

Yes.  When activating a White TWO, you can make a non-Blue die a copy of another White die even if it is already the same number as that other White die.  On the other hand, when activating a White FIVE, the add two and subtract two MUST be done to two different dice.  You cannot add two and then subtract two on the same die.

When activating a White SIX using the THREE OF A KIND rule, do I remove the die from the game?

No.  Just like activating a single White SIX, it is not removed from the game.  This means you get up to three rerolls of all active White dice, but if you want to activate a white die from a roll you forfeit the remaining rolls.

Which dice do I get to reroll?

During the Reroll Step, you get to reroll the current White and Red dice (plus the second Red die if you did not Activate a White die in your most recent Activate White Dice Step).  This should not be confused with Activating a White SIX which allows you to reroll all current White dice (including the die you activated).  For clarity, we recommend stating “I am Activating my White SIX” or “I am going to my Reroll Step” so that other players understand what you are doing.

What happens if I accidentally roll both Red dice on my Initial Roll?

If this happens, simply remove one of the Red dice and take your Initial Roll again rerolling all of the dice.


Active Player - This is the player who is taking their turn

Current Dice - Sometimes referred to as active dice.  All dice that are being used on your turn.  This does not include your Blue die or any dice that are Out of Play.

Expansion - An expansion is an addition to an existing game.  The base game is required to play the expansion but the expansion is not required in order to play the base game.  Typically an expansion adds new game components and/or new rules to enhance the game play.

Out of Play - This is where dice go when they are not active.  This term replaces the “removed from the game” phrase used in the rules of the base game.

REFACE - This is a mechanic in the game which refers to the act of manually picking up a die and setting it back in play showing a different number on top.

Got a question not answered here?

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