An original ROLL and REFACE dice game

is available for sale here.

We now have three expansions available!

The Yellow Expansion introduces interaction between players by allowing you to REFACE your opponent’s White dice.

The Pink Expansion, which was designed by one of our Kickstarter Backers, features protection from negative events such as the Red and Yellow dice.

The Black Expansion features a pool of dice that all players can access to swap numbers with their White dice.

We also have expansions coming out in the following colors:   Purple, Orange, and Brown.


MAKE IT SIX was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign in July 2023.  We would like to thank all of the Kickstarter backers who enabled this game to be published.  Without their support, this would never have happened.

Overview of the Game

Each player has one Blue die that actually serves as the scorepad. It begins on ONE and the first player to get their Blue die to SIX wins the game. This concept means no running out of scorepads and having to buy more.  It also helps make this a very travel friendly game. It even comes with a black velvet drawstring bag to carry the game in (should you decide you prefer that over the box).

Each player's turn begins with rolling the dice of the other colors. During the player's turn, they will use the abilities (while avoiding the downsides) of the dice. This will enable them to REFACE (manually change the facing on a die) or REROLL some of the dice in order to maximize the scoring opportunity on their turn.  

At the end of their turn, they hopefully get to increase the number on their Blue die.

Then it is on to the next player.

Check out a preview video from Cloak and Meeple!

A special thanks to our playtesters!

To make sure this game is enjoyable even after playing many times, we gathered a group of gamers to playtest MAKE IT SIX at several points in its design.  

A special thanks to the following people who were instrumental in making this game as good as it could be:  Chyna Compton, William Compton, Sha Harmon, James Jordan, Brian Norris, Jesus Noyola, Manuel Noyola, Zach Reiter, and Ben Wilcox.

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